Tax Incentives for Homeowners in Williamson County, Tennessee: Get Relief from Property Taxes

Property taxes can be a financial burden for homeowners, especially those on fixed incomes or with disabilities. Fortunately, the state of Tennessee offers tax relief programs to help ease the strain. In Williamson County, eligible homeowners can take advantage of the Property Tax Freeze program. Under this program, eligible homeowners will have their primary residence property taxes frozen in a base tax amount.

Williamson County has approved a tax freeze for property taxes. Tax relief is a payment made by the Tennessee government to reimburse homeowners who meet certain eligibility requirements for part or all of the property taxes paid. This is not an exemption; homeowners still receive their tax bills and are responsible for paying their property taxes each year. The processing time for tax relief requests depends on the amount of workload received at a given time in the fiscal year. Therefore, it is not possible to provide a specific period of time in which your request is expected to be processed.

State checks cannot be mailed, so it is important to notify the collecting officer of any change of address or expected absence. In order to receive tax relief, the applicant must own their primary residence in a given tax year. The income of the applicant's spouse is also required to determine eligibility regardless of residence or property. Additionally, any property owned by a trust is not eligible for tax relief. As part of the Williamson County community celebration on June 19th, Mars Petcare joins in the celebration by offering tax breaks for seniors. The Williamson County Broad-based Tax Relief Program provides tax breaks for Williamson County property taxes, a portion of the wheel tax, a portion of the sales tax money, and any other direct Williamson County taxes. If you are an eligible homeowner in Williamson County, Tennessee, you can take advantage of these tax incentives and get relief from your property taxes.

Be sure to check with your local county office to find out more about eligibility requirements and how to apply.

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