Top 25 Employers in Franklin and Williamson Counties, Tennessee: A Comprehensive Guide

Franklin and Williamson Counties in Tennessee are two of the most prosperous counties in the state. With a population growth rate that is higher than the national average, a booming economy, and a high per capita income, it's no wonder that these counties are home to some of the top employers in the state. Nissan North American is one of the largest employers in the area, with 1,850 employees. Additionally, more than half of the largest publicly traded companies in central Tennessee are headquartered in Williamson County.

At Livability, we explore what makes small and medium-sized cities great places to live. Through our own research studies, interesting articles and original photographs and videos, we examine issues related to community services, education, sustainability, transportation, housing and the economy. We then took advantage of that experience to develop city rankings for a variety of topics, including small towns, university cities, and our annual publication of the 100 Best Places to Live. The south winds of 5 to 10 miles/h have been beneficial for businesses in Williamson County. According to business magazine Inc., nearly two dozen businesses in Williamson County were among the fastest-growing companies in the country.

Brentwood logistics and transportation company FreightWise was named the second fastest-growing company in the U. S., with 23 businesses from Williamson County making up a large portion of the 83 Tennessee companies on the list. In addition to FreightWise, 19 companies from Nashville also made the list. These companies submitted their own financial information to Inc. through an application process. If you're looking for a great place to work or start a business, Williamson County is an excellent choice.

With its booming economy and high population growth rate, it's no wonder that so many businesses have chosen this county as their home.

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