What is the Average Household Income in Williamson County, TN?

In Williamson County, Tennessee, life is good. With 242,386 people, it is the sixth most populous county in the state. The largest universities in the area are Empire Beauty School-Nashville, Franklin Hair Academy School of Cosmetology and Williamson Christian College. The main occupations of Williamson County residents are illustrated in a stock breakdown.

It is estimated that by 2028, the county will have 34,000 new inhabitants, representing an increase of 15%. Education is strongly linked to income in Williamson County, with 63% of adults having a bachelor's degree or higher. This means that household incomes in the county are much higher than the average income in the United States, with incomes in the 100th percentile. The table below shows the percentage of foreign-born residents in Williamson County compared to their neighboring and parent geographies.

This chart shows the stock breakdown of the major industries for residents of Williamson County, although some may live there and work elsewhere.

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